My Montessori Insipred baby bedroom

    We had many positive comments from friends regarding our girl's bedroom so I decided to share. We put so much thought into it and modify parts of it as she grows and to suit our life style and comfort. I am very happy with the way it looks now, even though it is not spacious it has a good feeling about it.

We got a cheap wooden bed frame from IKEA and when A started to crawl my husband with his golden hands cut the legs of the bed to make it closer to the ground. I could not help myself and got some sticky wall pictures for child's room from eBay. Everyone loves them, including the baby girl.
I had the books space next to the basket where I place soft realistic looking toy out.Above the book basket I put this 3D Sea turtle picture. Later I organised a small reading corner for her. 

Here are some shelves with nappy basket and our baby products. There is also a chest of drawers with the fish tank on it. Fighter fish was bub's first pet, she really enjoys watching him swim around.

Because we live in an apartment we decided to organise some "outdoor" play area for our girl on the balcony.

Here is our shelf with activities. I usually try to rotate them once a month. I am going to put a separate blog with photos of our activities.

Here it is. Hope you enjoy organising your baby's space as much as we do. :)

Anastasia, Montessori Nature

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