DIY Christmas fun


Here is a collection of beautiful, unusual Christmas craft ideas for the whole family. I enjoyed these ideas so much, they will make any house look gorgeous during this holiday season. There is a variety of media used to make them for every taste.

Christmas tree out of branches and craft material.

A beautiful idea to decorate Christmas table.

A simple Christmas tree craft out of ribbons and beads.


Nutritious and delicious Christmas tree

Christmas tree out of dry fruit and pine cones.


Snowflake out of pegs

Snowflake out beads

Snowmen out of bottles.


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Anastasia, Montessori Nature


  1. This is an awesome collection of craftiness! Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing.

    1. My pleasure, I'm glad you enjoyed these!

  2. Super! These definitely put me in the holiday spirit! Thanks for linking up to the holiday hop!

  3. Thanks again for joining up with the Montessori Moms Holiday Hop! Are you ready for #2!? I pinned your post here: Thanks again!

  4. :) my pleasure!! Thank you for stopping by and your amazing ideas!!!

  5. Is there step by step instructions and materials used for snowmen bottles?

  6. no, sorry I guess it is to inspire you for more ideas..


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