Reversing tooth decay naturally with diet.

Until recently it could never occur to me that tooth decay - cavity can be cured or reversed! It is when I heard natural dentist speaking online on oral health I realised that tooth is a living matter that can naturally heal and oral health is a reflection of general well-being. Cavity can be reversed through the right diet and the main ingredient which is essential for healthy teeth is ..
.. are you ready?
BUTTER! You can read this article if you are still not convinced!Butter is Good for You: 5 Myths Dispelled

So here comes our story! My sister took her 5 year old boy for dental check because her husband found a hole in their boy's tooth. The dentist told her that it had to be fixed right away, otherwise it would only to get worse. She decided to wait, and he suggested to come back in 6 months.Later we had a chat with her and I suggested to try Butter Oil - which is high quality butter from grass fed cows. She started to give it to her little man two capsules per day. Their diet is quite good as well, they get sweets literally as a treat once a fortnight or so. The boys continued to receive their treats, nothing else changed in their diet besides having butter oil two capsules a day. So here we are - six months later - and the dentist could not find any tooth decay! His words were: "Keep do what you are doing, because it works". Here you go, folks, the dentist's advice to you: take butter oil daily for healthy teeth, because that is exactly what my sister did to reverse cavity in her child's tooth.

Here is where we get our Butter Oil.
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